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Why People don’t start the Jour...

Why People don’t start the Journey to their Defined Success? – Defining To Do vs. To Complete
Aloha Friend, it has been a while indeed. I have asked myself this question many times. How come some people do not start on the journey to their success? How come some write their goals down but never start the process towards their defined goals? Why do only a handful of individual take that step? Are you part of the group who start or thos [...]

How To Achieve Mastery in Any Field Y...

How To Achieve Mastery in Any Field You Desire?
Aloha Friend, Here we go for Year Number 2 of Transformation. So are you a LoliPreneur? Have you set your site on transforming the world? I am sure that at someone point in life you thought about it. There were 3 questions Brendon Burchard asked after he survived a life threatening car accident ( I learned this when I met him in DC). How did [...]

How To Not Give UP. 2 Steps.

How To Not Give UP. 2 Steps.
Aloha Friends, You are probably going strong on your 2012 Resolutions, aren’t you? Great For YOU!! I know you can make it. I also know that 95% of you will just go back to your previous habit. Some of you decided not to make resolutions because you know where you are going to end up. I was asking a group of workshop attendees the other [...]

How To Put Your Best Foot Forward

How To Put Your Best Foot Forward
Aloha Friends, Season 1 has started, this vlog is inspired from my last trip on the islands of Hawaii, Kauai. As you know, I strongly believe that if you observe the daily miracles that surround you in your daily lives you will find the lessons that will help you transform; if you choose to see it, learn it and do it. So here’s kicking [...]

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