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Some Of The Lessons from my Father

Some Of The Lessons from my Father
Aloha Friend, it is simple really for today. It was Father’s Day this past Sunday. As I continue to learn from my past, I realize how influential how my Dad was on me. How I love my wife? How I love my kids? How I love my community? My Dad dedicated his life to family, to his faith and to his community? My mom and him were of service w [...]

Why People don’t start the Jour...

Why People don’t start the Journey to their Defined Success? – Defining To Do vs. To Complete
Aloha Friend, it has been a while indeed. I have asked myself this question many times. How come some people do not start on the journey to their success? How come some write their goals down but never start the process towards their defined goals? Why do only a handful of individual take that step? Are you part of the group who start or thos [...]

How I maintain A Prodigious Attitude ...

How I maintain A Prodigious Attitude and a message for Mom.
Aloha Friend, Summer is getting closer. Told you that the sun will always shine behind those clouds. You just have to first believe and then let time do its magic. This week I got inspired to share with you some insights I got from some of the books I am reading. It gave me some key information to answer the questions some of you had on how [...]

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